The Town of Kernersville is divided into 4 fire rescue districts with a fire station located in each. Fire stations are located strategically throughout the city in order to help us meet our goal of responding to emergencies within 4 minutes of the receipt of the alarm. This 4-minute benchmark is established because 1) that time frame is under the 6-10 minute window in which an uncontrolled fire can reach flashover condition and 2) patients in cardiac arrest have little or no chance of recovery if CPR and/or shocks from a defibrillator are not initiated within 6 minutes of their heart stopping.

In addition to the 4 main fire rescue districts, the portion of the city that is located in Guilford County is being served through a contractual agreement between the Town of Kernersville and the Colfax Fire Department.

Fire Station 1

Fire Station 2

Fire Station 3

Fire Station 4

1528 Teague Road, Kernersville NC

(336) 992-3538