If you are starting a new business or relocating an existing business in Kernersville, follow these steps to ensure compliance with state and local regulations.


Step 1:  Before You Sign a Lease

Do not start to build, buy items to start your business, or sign a lease only to later find out your business is prohibited. Before you sign a lease, make sure you verify zoning, building classification, and other land use regulations that may affect your business.  Use the links below for more information and further instructions.

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Step 2: Apply for a Permit

All new businesses and businesses changing locations are required to be permitted.  Depending on the changes made to the space, you will need either a Use and Occupancy Permit or a Building PermitUse and Occupancy Permits are for businesses making little or no changes to the space.  Use the links below to determine the permit you need and associated requirements.

If you plan to operate your business from your residence and you will have customers/clients coming to your home, or you have an employee working in your home who does not reside there, a Home Occupation Permit from the Town is required in lieu of a Use and Occupancy Permit or a Building Permit.

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Step 3: Apply for a Sign Permit

Each business is required to obtain a permit for any ground, projecting, or wall signage.  This permit is separate from the Building Permit or Use and Occupancy Permit.  It is also important for businesses to follow the Town’s Sign Ordinance.

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Step 4: Other Permitting Considerations

After Step 3, you have met your legal obligations with the Town of Kernersville.  Use the link below for other information that may be useful as you start your business, including business registration, getting your taxes in order and other requirements for food service: