Business Sign Guide

This guide only covers the most common types of business signage. Most business signage requires permits.  Allowable sign dimensions vary by overlay and zoning district.  If you are thinking about signage, it is recommended that you read the Sign Ordinance since other restrictions (such as lighting standards and time limitations) may also apply. To read the entire Sign Ordinance, click here.  For monuments signs, contact the Zoning Administrator at (336) 992-5469 to discuss compliance with overlay district standards.

Signs Requiring Permits– The following signs are allowed in the Town of Kernersville pending permit approval:

Monument Signs
Shopping Centers
Wall Signs
Projecting Signs








Prohibited Signs– The following signs are prohibited in the Town of Kernersville, including all temporary/non-permanent signs (except for Grand Opening signage for a 21-day period):

Feather Banners
Stick-in-the-Ground Signs
Wall Banners
Roof Signs









Signs Not Requiring Permits– The following signs are allowed in the Town of Kernersville and do not require a permit:

Sidewalk Sandwich Board
Entrance/Exit Signs
National/State/ Local Flags