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No person shall drive a passenger vehicle for hire within the Town of Kernersville without first having obtained a permit from the Town of Kernersville.
Each applicant for a Permit shall make application on forms to be provided by the Town of Kernersville.

Such application shall contain a copy of the driver’s license record of the permit application for at least the preceding three (3) years together with a statement indicating any convictions of such driver for:

  1. Any felony;
  2. Any violation of law related to use, possession or sale of intoxicating liquors or narcotic or barbiturate drugs; or
  3. Violation of any federal or state law relating to prostitution.

Upon receipt of a driver’s permit application, the town shall issue a taxi driver’s permit provided there is no cause shown within the application to deny the same.
The Town shall have the right to approve, or disapprove, of any drivers of the grantee’s taxis.

Each applicant must swear that the information submitted is neither false nor misleading. Submitting , or causing to be submitted, false or misleading information is unlawful and shall be grounds for denial of a driver’s permit.

The application may be delivered to the Public Information Officer of the Kernersville Police Department at 134 East Mountain Street, or mailed to the Department at P. O. Box 728, Kernersville, NC 27285-0728.
For more information, call the Kernersville Police Department, Police Administration, 996-2390