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App Name: Battery Recycling Locations
Data Last Updated: October 31st 2023
Content Summary: Dropoff locations for Kernersville's battery recycling program
Data by: Town of Kernersville Public Services Department
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Types of information in this map

  • Location – Street Address of the building/area containing the recycling drop-off point.
  • Accepted – Types of batteries that are accepted.
  • Not Accept – Types of batteries that are not accepted.
  • Contact – Someone who can further answer any battery recycling related questions.


Why recycle batteries?

Disposing batteries into landfills can create point sources of pollution that can be hazardous to our river systems. When left outside during rain events, batteries will leak out different types of corrosive liquids (leachate) that are extremely hazardous to plants and wild life. Once this polluted water reaches the stream it becomes a human health hazard as well. An economical consequence from disposing batteries is rapid increases in pricing when shopping for new batteries. This effect comes from overconsumption of the natural resources leading to higher demand with lower supply, the common cause for inflation.

Recycling comes with benefits as well. Being able to keep harmful chemicals and metals out of the ecosystem produces healthy and aesthetically pleasing environments for citizens. Recycled batteries can also help to produce other products than just batteries, such as detergent, textiles, and feed resources for manufacturing. The economy behind recycling plants has also increased the need for workers within the industrial sector and has created new well-paying jobs such as; Drivers/Collectors, Sorters, Material recovery facility managers, Route managers, and Sales representatives.


Sources: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Battery Solutions, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)