Portrait of Gray Cassell
This department's mission is to provide for the availability of data, exchange of information and protection of the information assets of the Town of Kernersville while maintaining a reasonable budget and complying with industry standard practices and regulations. Our purpose is to serve as an advisor to the Board of Alderman, Town Manager and to all other departments and staff within the organization in the management and use of information technology.


We maintain the Town’s Information Technology infrastructure. IT infrastructure is often described as the sum of an organization’s information technologies related to hardware, software, data telecommunications facilities, procedures, documentation and the relationships of that infrastructure to the overall business of the organization.

This department makes available the necessary services needed to support all other departmental functions that are reliant on computers and networking. These services are made available, reliable, maintainable and secure. We provide cost-effective stewardship of the IT assets and resources used in providing these services. We provide serviceability, by providing a single point of contact for handling incidents, problems, known errors and by assessing impact, urgency, and priority and by recommending change, and most importantly by being both effective and efficient.

Chief Information Officer

Gray Cassell
(336) 996-3121