High Density Watershed

This permit is required for any development or re-development where:

  • The stormwater runoff from the development will be not transported from the development by vegetated conveyances to the maximum extent practicable (in another words the project will be using pipe and gutter systems).
  • Or, the project has more than: Two dwelling units per acre or twenty (20) percent built-upon area (BUA) for a single family detached residential uses or Twenty-four (24) percent built-upon area (BUA) for other residential uses and non-residential uses.

Permit Info


This permit is required for any development or re-development that exceeds the Low-Density Development Standards or Regulations for Low Density Projects according with the TOK UDO, Chapter C, Articles III and IV.

Last Updated

August 1st 2016

Download Forms

Download Forms



  • Completed high density watershed permit application
  • One (1) copy of detailed plans and calculations for best management practice(s) for initial review
  • Operation and management agreement
  • Deed of easement
  • Operation and maintenance plan
  • Covenants and restrictions (if applicable*)
  • Contractor’s estimated cost for construction of bmp(s)
  • Performance surety for bmp(s)
  • Maintenance escrow agreement (if applicable)
  • Complete riparian buffer authorization application form
  • Complete variance request application form
  • Copies of required environmental permits from ncdwr and/or usace (if applicable)

Permit Fee

High density, without pond review - $65
Industrial, commercial, MH, and MF districts
Less than 1 acre - $500
1 - 5 acres - $750
more than 5 acres - $900
High density residential and multiple users of high density BMP's
any parcel size - $1,100


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