The TOK stormwater engineer/watershed administrator reviews plans for all new developments and redevelopments within the Town of Kernersville and its extra-territorial jurisdiction. Development projects within the town’s jurisdiction are subject to TOK watershed and stormwater regulations. Projects can be considered either low density or high density and are required to submit a stormwater management plan for review and approval.

Typical stormwater management plans for projects manage stormwater runoff quality by implementing best management practices and Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs). Stormwater control measures include bio-retention Areas, wet ponds, and sand filters.

All development and redevelopment projects require a watershed permit unless specifically exempt by the Unified Development Ordinance. The watershed/stormwater permitting process consists of three phases:

  • Planning and Preliminary Design
  • Plan submission, review, and permitting
  • Construction, plan implementation and inspections

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To schedule a Watershed plan review appointment by phone please call our Watershed Administrator’s office at (336) 992-0704.