The Board of Alderman consists of 5 Aldermen and a Mayor, elected by the citizens of the Town of Kernersville to oversee government functions. The 5 Aldermen and Mayor are elected at large by the voters to ensure that each elected official represents the best interests of the town as a whole, rather than having a vested interest in a particular district. Both Aldermen and the Mayor serve 2-year terms. There are no restrictions limiting how long an individual may serve the town.

The mission of the Board of Aldermen is to continue improving the quality of life for each citizen through proper planning and growth and by providing excellent services and protection at an affordable cost.

Current Board of Aldermen

Name Role Email
Dawn H. Morgan Mayor [email protected]
Jenny Fulton Mayor Pro Tem [email protected]
Bruce Boyer Alderman [email protected]
Kenny Crews Alderman [email protected]
Joe L. Pinnix Jr. Alderman [email protected]
Chris Thompson Alderman [email protected]

Contact your Aldermen

Our board of Aldermen takes pride in making itself available to all citizens.

Dawn H. Morgan

PO BOX 728
Kernersville, NC 27285
336-407-3082 (Cell)
336-996-5949 (Town Hall)
[email protected]

Jenny Fulton

709 Oakhurst St
Kernersville NC 27284
(336) 978-0041 (Cell)
[email protected]

Bruce Boyer

108 Rockford Court
Kernersville NC 27284
(336) 996-4699 (Residence)
[email protected]

Kenny Crews

513 N. Main Street
Kernersville NC 27284
(336) 993-6735 (Residence)
[email protected]

Joe L. Pinnix Jr.

PO BOX 878
Kernersville, NC 27285
336-978-9004 (Cell)
[email protected]

Chris Thompson

PO BOX 351
Kernersville, NC 27285
336-345-3679 (Cell)
[email protected]

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