This annual report is dedicated in memory of retired Engineer Grady Price.

Grady was an outstanding driver/pump operator with the department. He strived to instill diligence and passion in the profession. He trained many firefighters and would “test” their knowledge of equipment, town streets, or pump operations to keep them sharp. “Iron sharpens iron.”

In addition to his job, Grady took a special interest in the department’s history. He thoroughly researched and recorded the departments rich history and put together a document that became the foundation of the departments 100-year history book.

Sadly, Engineer Price passed away on November 9, 2023, just 4 days after the department celebrated its 100th anniversary. We are thankful that Grady was able to be with us during the celebration. Grady loved his family and the fire service very much.

The following is from Grady’s obituary….“He was a loving husband for 41 years and a devoted father. Family was very important to Grady and he was the first to step up and help care for others as long as his health permitted.”

The information contained in the report serves as a testament to the professionalism and dedication of the department’s staff, past and present. While the substance in the annual report focuses on details and data from the Fire Rescue Department’s services, projects, events, and performance it is the citizens, and our staff, that is at the heart of our mission.

We are very blessed and appreciative for the tremendous support we receive from our town, Mayor, Board of Alderman, town departments and other agencies that we work with. We could not do what we do without everyone’s assistance and support.

R. Scott Alderman
Fire Rescue Chief