The Civil and Stormwater Management Plan Review process provides a coordinated review of commercial site development, residential subdivision construction plans, and plats. The review process incorporates internal review by staff representatives from Engineering, Watershed, Planning, Zoning, Public Services and Fire; as well as review by external agencies where appropriate and includes the following steps:

Plan Review Process

Step 1 – Pre-submittal Meeting

Step 2 – Plan Submittal

Step 3 – Plan Review

Step 4 – Plan Approval

Step 5 – Watershed/Stormwater Permit Issuance

Step 6 – Zoning Permit or Building Permit Issuance


Step 1 – Pre-submittal Meeting

All applicants must schedule a pre-submittal meeting with Town staff before civil and stormwater management plans (civil) are submitted. Town staff will provide guidance on the development review process, stormwater requirements, site plan design, and complying with Planning approval conditions. Applicants must call 336-992-0705 or email the Community Development Manager at [email protected] to schedule the pre-submittal meeting.

  • Project Name
  • Project Location
  • Applicant/Owner Contact Information
  • Summary of the proposed scope of the project
  • Site Plan or Sketch Plan (if available)
Step 2 – Plan Submittal

Following the presubmittal meeting, the applicant shall submit the following to the Development Project Coordinator for civil construction plan review. An online permitting option is provided below.

  • Cover sheet with a listing of all submitted materials and a summary of the proposed project scope.
  • One (1) hard copy of the Watershed/Stormwater Permit Application
  • One (1) hard copy, PDF, and dwg files of the complete set of civil construction drawing (24” x 36”)
    • Includes Full Landscape Plan (bufferyards, street trees, detail for foundation plantings, plant type and count, size and height of plants at the time of planting, spacing of plants, plant material legend)
  • One (1) hard copy, PDF, and dwg files of Stormwater Report and Drainage Area Map
  • PDF file of USGS Quad map and County Soil Survey with delineated project limits
  • PDF files of all other supporting documentation
  • Applicable submittal checklists
    • Site Plan Submittal Checklist
    • Construction Plan Submittal Checklist
    • High Density Watershed Permit Submittal Checklist
      • Stormwater Design Construction Plans Submittal Checklist
Steps 3 and 4 – Plan Review/Approval

The Development Project Coordinator will distribute the submittal materials to the appropriate reviewers. The applicant will correspond directly with the Development Project Coordinator regarding review comments unless instructed otherwise and adhere to the resubmittal requirements as provided.

Steps 5 and 6 – Permit Issuance

At the conclusion of the review and approval of the development proposal, the following information must be provided by the applicant prior to permit issuance and release of stamped, approved plans:

  • Performance Guarantee
  • NCDOT Approval (if applicable)
  • NCDEQ Erosion Control Permit (if applicable)
  • Applicable Fees

* Note: A separate submittal may be required to the public water and sewer utility provider and/or State agencies.

Online Permitting
Use the link below to apply via ViewPoint, the Town’s online permitting system for civil plan and building permit reviews.

     ViewPoint Links:

If you need additional assistance, contact the Development Services Division at (336)-996-7166.

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Request Pre-Submittal Meeting

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