Special Instructions/Conditions:

  1. Construction drawings must be submitted to Permit Issuer

Permit General Requirements:

  1. Contractor must call Public Services prior to start of work. (336)996-3382
  2. Installation of utilities, in the Public Right-of-Way (ROW), shall be performed in such manner to insure the safety of those who use said ROW and not to obstruct or interfere with the proper maintenance thereof.
  3. If at any time the Town of Kernersville (Town) shall require the removal of or changes in the location or time of work on said facilities that the Applicant binds himself, his successors and assigns, to promptly remove or alter the said facilities and work, in order to conform to the said requirement, without any cost to the Town.
  4. That in the case of noncompliance with the terms of this agreement by the applicant, the Town reserves the right to stop all work until the facility has been brought into compliance or removed from the ROW at no cost to the Town.
  5. That it is agreed by both parties that this agreement shall become void if actual construction of the work proposed herein is not begun within six (6) months from the date of this permit, unless a written waiver is secured from the Public Services Director.
  6. In the event that the Applicant does not make the required repairs in the time stipulated, or does not maintain the area prior to or after repairs in an acceptable manner, then the Town will make the necessary repairs to bring ROW back into its previous state and invoice the Applicant for the actual costs plus 50%.

Construction Requirements:

  1. Applicant will provide during construction and any subsequent maintenance proper signs, signal lights, flagmen, and other warning devices for the protection of traffic. This shall be done in conformance with the most current edition of the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Applicant shall also abide by all other Federal, State and local laws, regulations and guidelines which govern the type work being performed.
  2. The roadway structural integrity must be protected at all times. Therefore, the Applicant shall abide by the following rules:
    1. All pavements, if authorized, shall be removed by cutting on a straight line with vertical edges. Repair to this cut shall be in accordance with the attached drawing (No. 328A).
    2. All areas of construction shall be backfilled and compacted to achieve a density of at least 98%.
    3. Drainage shall not be impeded at any time.
    4. All driveways shall be bored when possible or replaced to a quality equal to that prior to construction.
    5. All roadway, driveway and sidewalk cuts, if authorized, shall be replaced within three (3) calendar days after completion of work.
  3. When any installation or maintenance operation disturbs the existing ground surface and or landscaping, Applicant shall re-establish said area to its pre-construction state.

Terms of Agreement

Applicant agrees that the electronic submittal of the original application for encroachment constitutes a signature and acceptance of the above terms and the following:

    • Applicant hereby agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Town from all damages and claims for that may arise by reason of the installation and maintenance of this utility; and all damages to this utility and claims for such damages that may occur while the Town or its contractors are maintaining and installing streets and/or utilities owned by the Town.
    • The Public Services Director, through his/her authorized agent, shall have the authority to inspect at any time to determine compliance with this Permit.
    • The Town does not guarantee the ROW, nor will it be responsible for any claim brought by any property owner by reason of working in said ROW.