The Community Development Department maintains the Town’s Growth and Traffic Data Annual Report. The report is broken down by five sections. The sections consist of:

Section 1 – United States Census

The census section provides Kernersville historic population growth. A comparison of Kernersville census data is compared to the State of North Carolina and the United States to determine if the Town is similar. If a community is similar to State and National data it can anticipate following State and National trends.

Section 2 – Town of Kernersville Growth Data

The Town has been maintaining permit data since 1995. That permit data provides historic development trends. The North Carolina State Demographer population estimates are also provided.   The Demographer estimates assist in understanding what the current population is between the 10-year U.S. Census estimates.

Section 3 – Economic Data

The United States Census Bureau undertakes a census of businesses every five years. The business census provides an understanding of economic diversity and trends in a community.

Section 4 – Growth Projections

Detailed growth projections are provided in this section. The projections are based upon development trends, economy, infrastructure, demographics, and supply of available development sites.

Section 5 – Traffic Data

The United States Department of Transportation traffic data is reviewed to determine the national trend. The North Carolina Department of Transportation detailed traffic counts, which are undertaken every two years is provided from 2003 to 2017.