What does the Stormwater Infoline do?

Call the Stormwater Infoline at (336) 564-1600 for:

  • Reporting a spill, unlawful dumping or an illegal connection
  • To learn more about stormwater management, erosion solutions, and drainage issues
  • Information about Town ordinances related to water quality, stormwater and drainage
  • To schedule an educational presentation or request education materials

What is Unlawful Dumping?

Only rain belongs in the storm drain. Dumping paint, soap or other chemicals, trash, and other materials into storm drains, gutters, lakes and other waterways is illegal.

Storm drains flow directly into creeks, streams, rivers, ponds and lakes. Examples of illegal discharges and connections are:

  • Paint being poured into or near a storm drain or structure
  • Changing oil or antifreeze over or near a storm structure
  • Discarding yard waste in or near a storm structure
  • A pipe from a washing machine emptying into a storm drain structure
  • A sewer service pipe emptying into a storm structure

The Town can issue warnings or fines depending on the severity of the violation.

Who can help me with my drainage problem?

  • Within the public right-of-way, the Town of Kernersville Streets Division and Stormwater Division can assist you.
  • On private property, you can contact Forsyth Soil and Water Conservation District at 336-703-2850 or hire private consultants.

Who do I call about water meter issues?

Water meters are handled by City/County Utility Commission at 336-727-8000.

Who do I talk to about a watershed permit or escrow account associated with construction?

The Watershed Administrator within the Community Development Department handles watershed permits and escrow accounts associated with new construction.

What is a drainage or stormwater easement?

Drainage features or stormwater easement areas are areas designed so stormwater flows on top of the ground, or it may have been designed with a pipe underneath the ground to convey water. Property owners are responsible for keeping these areas properly stabilized in order to prevent erosion. They are also responsible for ensuring that the flow of stormwater across the easement is not impeded. It may be necessary to use erosion control matting or other techniques to help establish or re-establish vegetation in these areas. It is also important to keep these areas free of debris, large obstructing vegetation (such as trees), and structures such as fences or sheds and play equipment.

Who maintains easements?

Within the public right-of-way, the Town of Kernersville is responsible for maintenance.