It is the responsibility of the Development Services Division to maintain clean, healthy, livable neighborhoods through the enforcement of the Unified Development Ordinance (zoning), Minimum Housing Code, Nuisance Code, and junked vehicle ordinances.  This is accomplished through the investigation and inspection of citizen and public official complaints.

Enforcement of any potential violation begins with a complaint. Each complaint is investigated, and if a violation exists, the owner is requested by certified and first class mail to correct it within a specified number of days.  Penalties for failure to correct the violation range from fines to court-ordered abatement procedures charged back to the property owner.  To report a code violation, click the link below.

Click Here to Report a Code Violation


Nuisances and Junked  Vehicles

Common nuisance violations include tall grass, breeding grounds for pests, and outdoor storage of junk and garbage.  Tall grass and weeds taller than 12 inches are a public nuisance because of their potential health hazards as well as their appearance. Thick growths provide food and shelter for mosquitoes, ticks, flies, mice and rats in addition to contributing blight to the neighborhood.  Storing rubbish, trash, junk, mattresses, boxes, old clothes, rags and combustibles in concentration is a public nuisance because they create fire hazards. They accumulate water, which becomes stagnant and provide habitat for insects and rodents. Rubbish and trash should be placed in an approved garbage cart for pickup.  Junked motor vehicles also provide breeding grounds for pests, as well as contribute to blight to neighborhoods.



The Town of Kernersville has a Housing Code to prevent the decay and deterioration of dwellings to protect the public, and occupants from unsafe and unhealthy conditions. Dwellings found substandard are ordered to be either repaired, vacated and closed, or demolished. The order depends on the condition of the home at time of inspection.



Most zoning violations are related to non-permitted home based businesses.  Business activities are prohibited in residential areas, unless a Home Occupation Permit is obtained.  Contact Development Services at 336-996-7166 to see if your home based business is eligible for a Home Occupation Permit.



To keep the peace, the Town enforces a noise ordinance.  Contact the Kernersville Police Department at 336-996-3177 to complain about noise violations.