The Town of Kernersville operates under a Council/Manager form of government. Elections are held in odd-numbered years. The mission of the Board of Aldermen is to continue improving the quality of life for each citizen through proper planning and growth and by providing excellent services and protection at an affordable cost.

Board of Aldermen

Name Role
Dawn H. Morgan Mayor
Chris Thompson Mayor Pro Tem
Bill Apple Alderman
John Barrow Alderman
J.R. Gorham Alderman
Joe L. Pinnix, Jr. Alderman

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Our Mayor, Dawn H. Morgan, is the official head of the town and exercises powers and duties as prescribed by the General Statutes of North Carolina, the Charter of the Town of Kernersville, and the ordinances of the Town of Kernersville. the Mayor presides over meetings of the Board of Aldermen and votes only if there is a tie. Additionally, the Mayor issues proclamations and serves as the public face of the government of the Town.


Curtis Swisher, our Town Manager reports to the Board of Aldermen and is responsible for administration of town affairs. The Town Manager has the power to appoint and remove all officers and employees of the Town, except the Town Attorney. It is the duty of the Town Manager to faithfully execute the ordinances, resolutions and regulations of the Board of Aldermen and the laws of the State, to make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen concerning the affairs of the Town, to advise the Board of Aldermen of the financial condition and the future financial needs of the Town, and to attend all meetings of the Board of Aldermen.

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