Kernersville Maps and Apps

Kernersville’s GIS Gallery features a suite of web and mobile-friendly apps for citizens and business users, and is the place where you can find maps and apps that increase transparency and help you interact with local government. The maps and apps are organized around community services and the information you need to do business with the Town of Kernersville on a regular basis.

Thumbnail picture for Collection Schedule map

Collection Schedule

Find out when trash and recycling is collected in your neighborhood.

Thumbnail picture for Crime Mapping map

Crime Mapping

View Kernersville's crime data in RAIDS online

Thumbnail picture for Fire Department Map map

Fire Department Map

Map of the Town of Kernersville's fire fighting infrastructure.

Thumbnail picture for Kernersville Municipal Limits map

Kernersville Municipal Limits

Official limits of the Town of Kernersville

Thumbnail picture for Kernersville Zoning Map map

Kernersville Zoning Map

Official Zoning Map of the Town of Kernersville

Thumbnail picture for Land Use Map map

Land Use Map

Land use plan for the Town of Kernersville

Thumbnail picture for NCDOT Traffic Counts map

NCDOT Traffic Counts

NCDOT Traffic Counts

Thumbnail picture for Overlay Districts map

Overlay Districts

View Kernersville's various development overlay districts.

Thumbnail picture for Parks map


Public Parks within the Town of Kernersville

Thumbnail picture for Public Facilities map

Public Facilities

View all government facilities, including libraries, fire stations, and pubilc buildings.

Thumbnail picture for Schools map


View schools in and around Kernersville

Thumbnail picture for Site Selector map

Site Selector

View available building sites and existing structures for sale within town limits

Thumbnail picture for Tax Data – Forsyth map

Tax Data – Forsyth

Tax information for Lots in Forsyth County

Thumbnail picture for Tax Data – Guilford map

Tax Data – Guilford

Tax information for lots in Guilford County

Thumbnail picture for Thoroughfare Plan map

Thoroughfare Plan

View routes of future and planned thoroughfares

Thumbnail picture for Watershed Map map

Watershed Map

Surface water classifications for the Town of Kernersville.

Disclaimer: It is understood that the data displayed through this application is subject to constant change and that its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The maps have been created from information proved by various government and private sources at various levels of accuracy. The data is provided to you “as is” with no warranty, representation or guaranty as to the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any of the information provided herein. It is the responsibility of the user of the data to be aware of the data’s limitations and to utilize the data in an appropriate manner.