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App Name: Kernersville Zoning Map
Data Last Updated: June 1st 2020
Content Summary: Official Zoning Map of the Town of Kernersville
Data by: Town of Kernersville Community Development Department
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Types of information on this map

  • Zoning – Shows the boundary area for each different type of zone.
  • Streets – Shows which streets are within each boundary area.

Steps to verify your zoning district

  1. Type in your street address in the “Find address or place” box in the upper left hand corner (ex: 134 E. Mountain St)
  2. Verify you are at the correct location by clicking on the dark gray building footprint. An information box will appear with the building address.
  3. Verify the zoning district by clicking on the colored background around the building. An information box will appear with your zoning district (ex: HB, LI, RS12, etc.). Different colors represent different zoning districts.