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Data Last Updated: January 18th 2016
Content Summary: Surface water classifications for the Town of Kernersville.
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Surface Water Classifications are designations applied to surface water bodies, such as streams, rivers and lakes, which define the best uses to be protected within these waters (for example swimming, fishing, drinking water supply) and carry with them an associated set of water quality standards to protect those uses.

All surface waters in North Carolina are assigned a primary classification by the NC Division of Water Resources (DWR). All waters must at least meet the standards for Class C (fishable / swimmable) waters. The other primary classifications provide additional levels of protection for primary water contact recreation (Class B) and drinking water (Water Supply Classes I through V)

All of the Town of Kernersville local watershed, except for East Belews Creek (which is a class C) are classify as Drinking Water (WS-III or WS IV).

For more information about the Town of Kernersville Water Supply classification and development regulations within those watershed areas, see :

Watershed Protection Ordinance – Unified Development Ordinance Chapter C Article III