EO 138 – Phase 1

This news post was published May 6th and the information contained within is no longer accurate.

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From https://www.nc.gov/covid-19/staying-ahead-curve

North Carolina is taking, a three-phased approach – based on data from testing, tracing and trends and in consultation with members of the business community – to lift restrictions in place to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and save lives.

At 5 p.m. on Friday, May 8, 2020, North Carolina will move into Phase 1 of the plan. The Stay at Home Order remains in place with some modifications.

Below is a general overview of what Phase 1 means for North Carolina. View a list of frequently asked questions about the governor’s modified Stay at Home Order.


Through May 8 Phase 1
Commercial activity People should only leave home for essential purposes (e.g., food, medicine) People can leave home for commercial activity and more businesses are open
Retail 20% capacity allowed 50% capacity allowed with cleaning and social distancing
Gatherings 10-person limit 10-person limit; gathering outdoors with friends allowed
Child care Child care centers open for essential workers only Child care centers open for working parents or those looking for work
Teleworking Encouraged Encouraged
Bars and restaurants Take-out and delivery Take-out and delivery
Barbers, salons and massage Closed Closed
Theaters, music venues and bowling alleys Closed Closed
Gyms Closed Closed
Playgrounds Closed Closed
Visitation at long-term care centers Not allowed Not allowed
Worship services Outdoor services allowed Outdoor services allowed
State parks and trails Local discretion Opening encouraged
Face coverings Encouraged Encouraged