Old Salem Rd-Teague Ln Intersection Study

TITLE:  Old Salem Rd-Teague Ln Intersection Study

ISSUE DATE:  October 14, 2021

SUBMITTAL DEADLINE: November 12, 2021

ISSUING AGENCY: Town of Kernersville



This contract shall be partially reimbursed with Federal-aid funding through the North Carolina Department of Transportation (hereinafter referred to as the Department).

The solicitation, selection, and negotiation of a contract shall be conducted in accordance with all Department requirements and guidelines.

The primary and/or subconsultant firm(s) shall be pre-qualified by the Department to perform ALL of the work codes listed below for the Town of Kernersville.  Work Codes required are:

          00200 – Feasibility Studies

Work Codes for each primary and/or subconsultant firm(s) SHALL be listed on the respective RS-2 FORMS (see section ‘SUBMISSION ORGANIZATION AND INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS’).

This RFLOI is to solicit responses (LETTERS of INTEREST, or LOIs) from qualified firms to provide professional consulting services.

This Project includes study of the Teague Lane and Old Salem Rd intersection to evaluate various alternatives for realignment of the intersection including an evaluation of traffic operations for each alternative and estimated construction cost.

The completed study shall also include such applicable items as a traffic signal warrants analysis, consideration of various roundabout options, evaluation of intersection sight distances, consideration of new traffic signals, and accommodations for pedestrians and bicycles at the intersection.

LOIs SHALL be received BY MAIL, OR HAND-DELIVERY no later than 4:00 PM November 12, 2021.


The address for electronic deliveries is: N/A

The address for mailings is:

Chris Jensen
Town of Kernersville
PO Box 728
Kernersville, NC 27285-0728


The address for hand-deliveries is:

Town of Kernersville
134 East Mountain Street
Kernersville NC 27284


An electronic copy shall be submitted in .pdf format on a flash drive along with three (3) hard copies.

LOIs received after this deadline will not be considered.


Complete RFLOI containing the Scope of Work and Submittal Requirements can be found here:

RFLOI – Old Salem Rd Teague Ln Study

Addendum 1 to RFLOI:  RFLOI Addendum 1 – Old Salem Rd Teague Ln Study


All correspondence and questions concerning this RFLOI should be directed to:

Chris Jensen, P.E. CFM at 336-992-0206 or by email at [email protected]