Volunteers wanted for Board and Commissions

The Town of Kernersville’s Board of Aldermen believe that the community is best served when there is a diverse representation of volunteer citizens on the Town’s Boards and Commissions.  Many opportunities exist for any citizens who have a desire to become more involved with issues that affect our community.  The Board is soliciting applications from interested citizens who might wish to serve on the following Town committees:


Board of Adjustment

As a quasi-judicial Board, the Board of Adjustment hears and acts upon appeals from, and reviews, any disputed order, requirement, decision or determination made by the Zoning Administrator.  The Zoning Administrator may call upon the Board to interpret any requirement of the Zoning Ordinance regarding planning and development.  Requests for variances and special use permits are heard and decided by this Board.  The Board of Adjustment is composed of ten (10) members, with four (4) alternates.  This Board meets only as needed at 6:30 PM on the fourth Monday of the month.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board serves as a liaison between the Town Government of Kernersville, its Parks & Recreation Department, and its citizens.  The Board is a parliamentary group that advises the Director of Parks & Recreation on business matters such as department goal setting, construction projects, department policies, community proposals, and the overall recreation services offered to the Kernersville community as a whole.  The Board is composed of eleven (11) members and meets 12:00 PM on the third Monday of each month.

Sister City Commision

The purpose of the Sister City Program is to establish and maintain various Sister City relationships with towns and cities throughout the world in order to foster cultural, educational, economic, and social feelings and exchanges between the citizens and residents of the Kernersville community and surrounding areas, and other cultures throughout the world.  The membership consists of no less than five (5) members and no more than eight (8) members.  The Commission meets at 6:00 PM on the third Monday bi-monthly.

Planning Board

The Planning Board serves as an advisory board to the Board of Aldermen. The Board reviews development plans, conducts public hearings on rezoning petitions and zoning amendments, and makes recommendations to the Board of Aldermen on planning, zoning, and development matters.  The Planning Board is composed of ten (10) members and meets at 6:30 PM on the second Monday of each month.

Community Appearance Commission

The Community Appearance Commission has the responsibility, power and duty to organize and coordinate programs designed to enhance and improve the visual quality and aesthetic characteristics of the Town, including the extra-territorial zoning jurisdiction. The Commission serves as an advisory resource to the Board of Aldermen on issues of visual aesthetics. The membership consists of no less than seven (7) members and no more than fifteen (15) members and meets at 12:15 PM on the third Tuesday of each month.

Applicants must reside inside town limits or outside town limits but within the Town’s Extraterritorial Zoning Jurisdiction (ETJ).  Areas included in the ETJ: Cliffwood, Hidden Hills, Apple Gate, Ingram Estates, Chelsea Place, Kings Ridge, Macy Grove Road, Fox Run, Danay Drive, Tannelson Drive, and Valley Village.  If you have questions about whether you live in the ETJ or not please call the Community Development Department at 336-992-0605.

How to Apply

Applications are available online and in person at Town Hall.
To apply online please visit our Advisory Board Application Form

Please send your completed application to:

Town of Kernersville

Attn:  Town Clerk

PO Box 728

Kernersville, NC 27285-0728

Or fax to 336-996-4822

Or e-mail to [email protected]