In 1997, the Town of Kernersville and Chamber of Commerce undertook the Kernersville 2020 Visioning which resulted in a vision to address traffic congestion. As a result of that vision, the Town pursued the 1998 Transportation Bond. The voters passed a $7,000,000 bond. Along with the Bond and other funds, the Town completed over $22,000,000 of transportation improvements. Of that expenditure, the Town obtained matching revenue of over $6,500,000 from outside funding sources.

The Town of Kernersville expended its last Transportation Capital Reserve Fund on the South Main Street/Old Winston Road Intersection improvement project. In late 2019, the Town of Kernersville and Chamber of Commerce started the process of updating the Kernersville 2020 Vision, now called ONWARD Kernersville.

The results of the update are expected to provide direction on what transportation issues and opportunities the community desires to address in the future. The next transportation planning phase activity is consolidating and updating our 2011 Thoroughfare and Street Plan, Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan, and Greenway Plan into a Comprehensive Transportation Plan. The 2017-2018 Transportation Study provides the framework of drafting the Comprehensive Transportation Plan.