When is my Recycling Picked up?

Your Recycling cart will be collected on the same day as your normal garbage pick up. To find out when garbage and recycling are collected for your neighborhood, use our collection schedule app.

What Is Recyclable?

Plastic Bottles And Jugs #1-#7

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Plastics must be bottle shape with a neck smaller than the base and/or screw top containers. No yogurt/sour cream/butter tubs or other food containers that are not screw-on top or shaped like a bottle

Aluminum and Steel Cans

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Beverage cans, food cans, empty aerosol cans, pie tins, aluminum foil with no food scraps

Paper and Cardboard

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Newsprint, corrugated cardboard, magazines, catalogs, cereal boxes, milk & juice cartons, phone books, printer paper, mail, office paper, empty pizza boxes

Glass Bottles and Jars

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Brown, clear, or green

Rigid Bulky Plastic

crates, toys, laundry baskets

What is not Recyclable?

Plastic Film


Plastic bags or Cellophane Wrappings are not compatible with our recycling process. If you wish to recycle Plastic store bags, many grocery stores have recycling programs.



Styrofoam or packing peanuts are not recyclable

Rope or Hoses


Rope is not recyclable, this includes rope made of natural fibers.



Wood or Wood products are not recyclable


Petroleum or anti-freeze Containers


Other Glass Products

Only glass bottles and jars are recyclable.Other types of glass, including window glass, automotive glass, and cookware glass are not recyclable.