The following items may be disposed of in town issued garbage or recycling containers if prepared in the following manner:


  • Cut carpet into sections no longer than 6 feet and no heavier than 50 pounds each
  • Roll up all carpet and padding neatly
  • Loose pieces, scraps, and folded carpet will not be accepted
  • Carpet generated by contracted flooring services will not be accepted

Cat litter and animal bedding

  • Bag and seal tightly
  • Place in refuse container

Hardcover books

  • Remove covers
  • Place covers in refuse container
  • Place pages in recycling container


  • Collected during Bulky Item and Special Clean-up periods only
  • Must be in-tact framed pieces with no sharp edges
  • Broken shards of glass are not collected outside of the rollout cart
  • Residents with broken pieces of household glass can bring glass to the Public Services Department dumpster for disposal
  • Residents having windows replaced can rent a dumpster; window replacements are not collected at the curb as bulky items


  • Remove and properly dispose of oil, gas and other fluids before placing at the curb
  • Mowers with fluids will not be accepted


*Needles, syringes, surgical instruments or other medical equipment capable of puncturing the skin

  • Doctor/pharmacy generated biohazard safety container
  • Plastic bottle with secured lid
  • Syringes that are equipped with a puncture protection shield device and caps
  • Sharps should not be collected if not prepared in the prescribed manner.

Shredded Paper

  • Bag in a clear plastic bag or brown paper bag
  • Seal bag
  • Place in recycling container