Item Proper Disposal
Antifreeze 3RC: Envirostation (Winston Salem)
Automobiles/Parts Scrap Metal Processor (Omnisource)
Batteries (Lead acid and Wet Cell) 3RC: Envirostation (Winston Salem)
Bricks Inert Debris Landfill
Cement Inert Debris Landfill
Florescent Light Bulbs 3RC: Envirostation
Dirt Insert Debris Landfill
Gasoline 3RC: Envirostation
Glass (from construction) Inert Debris Landfill
Gravel Inert Debris Landfill
Hazardous Waste See US RCRA Guidelines (US Environmental Protection Agency)
Helium Tanks Return to manufacturer or 3RC: Envirostation
Medical Waste See US RCRA Guidelines ( US Environmental Protection Agency)
Oil/Oil Filters 3RC: Envirostation
Oversized Items (over 200lbs) Hanes Mill Road Landfill or Scrap Recycler
Pallets Inert Debris Landfill
Paint 3RC: Envirostation
Propane Tanks Tank Return Center (Blue Rhino) or 3RC Envirostation
Rocks Inert Debris Landfill
Tires Hanes Mill Road Landfill Tire Drop off Center
Waste from Contractors Private Hauler or Town Rental Dumpster
Window Frames/Windows Inert Debris Landfill