Re-Solicitation of Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the Ivey Redmon Stream Restoration Project


The Town of Kernersville is re-soliciting for Design-Build Services for the Ivey Redmon Stream Restoration Project Phase I. 

The Ivey Redmon Stream Restoration Project seeks to restore and/or enhance stream reaches located in and adjacent to the Ivey M. Redmon Sports Complex in Kernersville, NC. Sedimentation is resulting from streambank erosion and channel headcutting along the stream channels, and the streambank erosion is causing extensive downstream migration of sediment and associated nutrients. The Town was awarded a grant from the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund to assist with funding the restoration of three reaches, totaling approximately 3,540 linear feet. The project will be used as a public education and outreach opportunity, with planned workshops and classes to be led by NC Cooperative Extension with assistance from the selected Design-Build Team.

Notice all addenda are provided below with an updated project schedule for the re-solicitation.

Direct questions regarding this RFQ and Project are to be submitted in writing, electronically at the email address listed below.  Modifications to the RFQ can only be made by Addenda.


Point of Contact:

Wendi Hartup, Stormwater Manager

Town of Kernersville

Email address:  [email protected]


Here is the link to download the RFQ and Contract info:

FINAL Ivey Redmon Stream Restoration DB RFQ August 10_with attachments


ADDENDA 2 – Site tour summary

ADDENDA 3 – Insurance Exhibit

ADDENDA 4 – Re-Solicitation Project Schedule 9-13-2017