Bingo By The Creek

While we’re distancing from everything else, let’s get close to nature! On behalf of your local governments in the Triad, Stormwater SMART invites you to join the Bingo By The Creek NC on! Join this creek walk project, and anytime from July 22 through September 22 take pictures with the iNaturalist app right from your phone!

To get started:

  1. Download the iNaturalist app on your android or apple mobile device and create an account.
  2. From the “More” tab, click on Projects.
  3. Search for Bingo By The Creek NC and Join!

Several of our Bingo critters start their lives in the water. To find them, put on your boots and your “bug eyes”!

Look for safe access to creeks in public parks. A responsible adult should always be present to alert others to hazards. Even water that looks clean can have bacteria that makes us sick. Wash hands before touching eyes, nose, or mouth. Take extra care with small children.

Consider taking along a trash bag to pick up litter you find. Take care to avoid trampling plants and disturbing the ecosystem. Remember to catch & release any critters, and be gentle when turning over rocks and leaves.

If you go to a public park or waterway, please remember to look for hazards and follow CDC guidelines for protection against Covid-19. Stay safe, learn, and have fun!