Leaf Season is Here!


The Town’s loose-leaf collection season begins Monday, October 31 and runs till Friday, December 30. Please keep the following in mind when placing leaves out for collection.

  • Do not bag leaves.
  • Do not mix leaves with other types of debris such as limbs, twigs, rocks or household trash. Leaf piles with these items WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.
  • Do not place leaves in the curb or in the road.
  • Place leaves behind the curb or edge of pavement on your property for collection. Ensure leaves are on your property only.
  • Do not block sidewalks with leaves. The leaf collection trucks can vacuum up to 6-feet from the curb line, so please place them on your property’s side of sidewalks.
  • Do not place leaves closer than 3-feet to stationary items such as mailboxes, fences or poles.
  • Crews will make several passes through Town during the leaf collection period.
  • The Town collects leaves on a rotating basis and cannot guarantee the exact date or time of leaf collection in your neighborhood.
  • To ensure collection of your leaves before a holiday or specific date, it is best to place leaves at the curb at least THREE TO FOUR weeks prior to that date; during the peak of the season, a full rotation through Town may take as long as THREE TO FOUR
  • Loose leaf collection is an annual service,but leaves and other yard waste may be collected year-round by participating in the Town’s Green Yard Cart collection program.