New Stormwater Device Downtown

What is that concrete box in the newly expanded Downtown Parking Lot?

That is a tree box filter system, called a Filterra Biovault by Contech. Kernersville Public Services selected this stormwater device because it uses roughly 6.5% of the area that a traditional stormwater device would have required. A stormwater device is required because of the amount of hard surfaced added, however, using this device allowed for 56 parking spaces.

The Filterra captures and filters stormwater with the Wax Myrtles, mulch and special filter media. The water leaving is cleaner as it empties directly to creeks.

This and other types of stormwater devices are called green infrastructure because they combine elements of the natural environment and traditional stormwater drainage systems to improve water quality and restore ecosystems in a sustainable way with little maintenance.


Tree Boxes Capture and Treat:

  • Over 86% of Solids (sediment, road salt, trash)
  • Over 87% of oils and grease
  • Over 70% of Phosphorus
  • Over 55% of metals
  • 34% of Nitrogen


Special thanks to Kernersville Fire Department on our completion date, October 24, 2023, for helping to demonstrate the parking lot drained correctly to the tree box filter. They simulated heavy rainfall using approximately 1,500 gallons of water.  We are excited to implement new resources to keep our waters clean, with the help of our fellow agencies and community members.  Everyone can keep our waterways clean with responsible disposal of waste.

Please enjoy this video demonstrating the new stormwater system:

Filterra Video