Request for Letters of Interest (RFLOI) – West Mountain Street Turn Lanes & Sidewalk Design and Right of Way Acquisition



Request for Letters of Interest (RFLOI) –

West Mountain Street Turn Lanes and Sidewalk Design and Right of Way Acquisition

TITLE: HL-0015 West Mountain Street Turn Lanes and Sidewalk

ISSUE DATE:  November 1, 2023

SUBMITTAL DEADLINE: November 21, 2023

ISSUING AGENCY: Town of Kernersville



This contract shall be partially reimbursed with Federal-aid funding through the North Carolina Department of Transportation (hereinafter referred to as the Department).

The solicitation, selection, and negotiation of a contract shall be conducted in accordance with al Department requirements and guidelines. The primary and/or subconsultant firm(s) shall be pre-qualified by the Department to perform ALL of the work codes listed below for the Town of Kernersville.

Work Codes required are:

00014 – Archaeological Resource Survey

00026 – Capacity Analysis

00032 – Categorical Exclusions

00036 – Community Impact Assessment

00059 – Eco and Biotic Studies

00070 – Erosion and Sediment Control Design

00106 – Historic Archaeological Survey

00152 – Pavement Design

00155 – Pavement Marking Plans

00171 – Public Involvement

00192 – Right of Way Appraisals

00194 – Right of Way Negotiators

00199 – Surveys

00235 – Subsurface Utility Engineering

00243 – Threatened and Endangered Species

00247 – Traffic Control Plans

00269 – Urban Roadway Design

00270 – Utility Coordination

00280 – Stream and Wetland Determination

00287 – Stream/wetland permitting.

00308 – Limited English Proficiency

00314 – Roadway Lighting

00360 – Topographic Surveying

00361 – Boundary Surveying

00362 – Easement Surveying

00433 – Tier 1 – Basic Hydrologic And Hydraulic Design


WORK CODES for each primary and/or subconsultant firm(s) SHALL be listed on the respective RS-2 FORMS.

This RFLOI is to solicit responses (LETTERS of INTEREST, or LOIs) from qualified firms to provide professional consulting services.

This Project will provide the design for construction of a turn lane between the Kernersville YMCA and the John Deere facility’s east entrance and for the extension of the existing sidewalk approximately 4,000 linear feet from Beaucrest Street to Asbury Drive. The Project will include right of way negotiations and acquisition, and utility coordination.


LOIs SHALL be received BY MAIL, OR HAND-DELIVERY no later than 2:00 PM November 20, 2023.

The address for mailings is:
Community Development Department
Town of Kernersville
PO Box 728
Kernersville, NC 27285-0728

The address for mailings is:
Town of Kernersville
Town Hall
134 East Mountain Street
Kernersville, NC 27284

LOIs received after this deadline will not be considered.

Complete RFLOI containing the Scope of Work and Submittal Requirements can be found here:

RFLOI – HL-0015 West Mountain Design

Addendum #1 (Released November 14, 2023):

RFLOI – HL-0015 West Mountain Design – Addendum 1

All correspondence and questions concerning this RFLOI should be directed to:

Chris Jensen, P.E. CFM by phone at 336-992-0206 or by email at [email protected].