Planting Party


Does your kid like using a hammer? Do you? Help spruce up the greenway for the new year! The Town of Kernersville will be hosting a planting party to plant native shrubs along the stream banks of Kerner Mill Greenway.

For best success and to save costs, we’ll be planting livestakes. Livestakes are cuttings of woody, dormant shrubs that are planted along the stream bank.

Livestakes are a great way to help protect and stabilize stream banks and keep our water clean. By cutting the branches of trees in colder months and planting them directly into the soil, they create a root system that reinforces stream banks and prevents erosion.

We will meet at Kerner Mill Greenway on Southern St. You may need to get in the water to plant. In most areas the creek is less than 1 foot deep. Gloves and sturdy/waterproof shoes are recommended. Plants and tools will be provided, but feel free to bring your favorite hammer or mallet.

We are also looking for planting leaders to help guide volunteers in the planting techniques. We will provide training at 9:30am. An email with more details will follow.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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