Summer Litter Pickup June 17-24th!

The Public Services Department is excited to provide this great opportunity to volunteer this summer.

Sign up for our June 2024 Summer Litter Pick Up!

You can pick up your supplies (safety vest, gloves, bags, pickers) at 509 Michael St. from June 17th to June 24th. For this event, there are 3 areas where we are focusing: Gralin St, Hopkins Rd, and Teague Ln, however, you are more than welcome to choose another area of Town. Find an area nearby that needs cleaning up, and we will come pick up the collected trash at designated spots (Pink and Yellow signs) on June 27th.

You can sign up at

Don’t forget to fill out a volunteer waiver form provided on the link. Completed forms can be brought to our office or sent to staff at [email protected]

If you wish to organize a group to do a cleanup in a different location on a future date, please contact TOK Stormwater staff at 336-747-8681. You may pick up supplies from our office at 509 Michael St.