Request for Quotes (RFQ) For Landscaping and Gardening Services

Released July 5, 2023

Re released August 17, 2023

Due Date: August 24, 2023

Email quotes to Wendi Hartup at [email protected]

Scope of Work

The Town of Kernersville Public Services (TOK) is soliciting proposals from qualified landscaping contractors for ongoing routine, landscape and gardening maintenance of multiple Town-owned properties for a term of one year with renewal of up to four years total.


1. Services to be performed weekly within the gardens at 509 Michael St:

+ identify and provide plant-specific care to over 130 native plant species at 509 Michael St.

+ identify unwanted plants and manage with appropriate methods

+ work with staff to design and install native plantings to harmonize with existing plant design

+ procure and plant annuals to provide seasonal color in two general areas at 509 Michael St.

+ draft and implement long-term ecological landscape management plan with a focus on plant community stabilization and low maintenance requirements

+ acquire native plant species in economic landscape plug form and/or custom grow native plant species for landscape use as needed

+Plant management to include: hand pulling/digging out weeds, pruning excessive growth, plant-specific fine pruning to promote plant health/aesthetic appeal. Note: debris is placed in Town truck that staff removes.

+Pest and disease management to include: IPM practices, pre-emergent applications and target-specific pesticides.

+Must hold an NCDA pesticide applicator’s license, keep records of herbicide use, always use dye when applying pesticides, use IPM practices.


2. Services to be performed weekly within the interior of the building at 509 Michael St:

+ houseplant identification and pest/disease identification and management

+ general houseplant care: water, prune, treat pests and diseases

+ provide houseplant suggestions and procure replacements as needed.

Note: Watering tank is provided for use.


3. Services to be performed monthly in the downtown Main St beds within the Right-of-Way (from E Mountain St to Railroad St):

+ routine maintenance including mulching, weed control, pest management and pruning


TOK’s intent is to award a one-year contract for landscaping services to one supplier to perform all work. Up to four one-year extensions may be made so long as supplier’s work performance remains satisfactory, and any proposed price increase is fair and reasonable. The Town of Kernersville may select other companies for on-call services.

Submittals must be in Printable Document Format (.pdf) and delivered via email to [email protected]. All submittals will be opened and considered public record at the time of receipt.